Carbon black ↔ Fullerenes
Vapor-grown carbon fibers ↔ Carbon nanotubes
Graphite ↔ Graphene

*Co-organized with the Carbon journal; details/revisions coming soon.


  • Carbons for Health and Medicine (S1) — A. Bianco and R. Hurt, co-chairs
  • Carbon Blacks and Flame-Formed Carbons (S2) — A. Korchev, R. Taylor, and R. Vander Wal, co-chairs
  • Catalysts and Electrocatalysts (S3) — L. Dai, A. Lueking, J. Matos, and M. Titirici, co-chairs
  • Cokes and Graphite (S4) — C. Contescu, R. Griffin, J. Norley, and M. Weisenberger, co-chairs
  • Electrochemical Carbons (S5) — H. M. Cheng, Y. Gogotsi, and S. Kaskel, co-chairs
  • Fibers and Composites (S6) — L. Depine, W. Hoffman, K. Lafdi, W. Lu, and M. Thies, co-chairs
  • Fullerenes, Nanotubes, and Other Curved Nanostructures (S7) — R. Andrews, B. Pradhan, S. Sinnott, and H. Terrones, co-chairs
  • Graphene (S8) — M. Chhowalla, V. Crespi, S. Das, Jeremy Robinson, and Joshua Robinson, co-chairs
  • Modeling and Simulation (S9) — J. Mathews, F. Mondragón, and J. Sofo, co-chairs
  • Porous Carbons (S10) — T. Bandosz, J. Jagiello, M. Thommes, and C. Thomson, co-chairs

Sponsorship and Exhibits — F. Cannon and W. Betz, co-chairs


“The Future of Carbon Materials,” featuring Nobel Laureates and American Carbon Society Medalists:
D. Bethune
A. Geim
R. Curl
S. Iijima
M. S. Dresselhaus
H. Kroto
M. Endo
K. Novoselov
Moderators: P. Thrower and R. Hurt

Plenary Lectures

Jeff Dahn (Dalhousie University)
Andrea Ferrari (University of Cambridge)
Michael Strano (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Dongyuan Zhao (Fudan University)


Carbon Medal

Andre Geim
Konstantin Novoselov

SGL Carbon (Skakel) Award*

Charles E. Pettinos Award*

Robert A. Meyer Award*

Stach Mrozowski Award*

Philip L. Walker Award*

The French Young Researcher Award*

*Nominations sought

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